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The BarCampBodensee2010 took place on the 5th and 6th of june 2010.

I didn’t explore a lot of BarCamp in Germany (in fact this was just my second BarCamp in Germany, the first one was the BarCampBodensee2008), but I have to say that the organization was almost perfect: self service for drinks, self service for bikes, 3 meals per day, the wifi worked perfectly, etc.

And, thanks to one of the main figure behind this BarCamp, namely Oliver Gassner, it was an International Barcamp. The rule is plain simple : when you start your session, just ask if someone doesn’t understand your spoken language. This way, if a poor french guy that doesn’t speak german shows up in a “german session”, the session will continue in english (or any preferred language by all the participants in the session).

This is the list of the sessions I attended :

  • Day 1 Session 1 “Cross platform mobile development”
  • Day 1 Session 2 “Self management and Getting Things Done” and the book “Making it all work”
  • Day 1 Session 3 “22 random hints for startups”
  • Day 1 Session 4 “Appstore and the android market”
  • Day 1 Session 5 “Coworking”, with a good introduction quote “Coworking is not about sharing space, it is about sharing time”
  • Day 1 Session 6 “Project Management SCRUM & RUP”
  • Day 2 Session 1 “How to be a social web ninja”
  • Day 2 Session 2 “Scrum & Patterns
  • Day 2 Session 3 “Future Companies – Cultural & Organizational Aspects”
  • Day 2 Session 4 “Android development”

My advice : don’t miss this amazing BarCamp next year !

PS : you can find more photos in this Flickr set.

2 Responses to “BarCampBodensee2010”

  1. 1 Oliver

    No, sorry. I have to correct you 😉

    It was the second international Barcamp Bodensee (2008 was in FRiedrichshafen with just 2 French visitors, Stephan and Yann). and in germany the Barcamps in berlin after and including BCB2 were international.

    • Yes you’re right Oliver, I will correct that 🙂
      BTW, I’m the Yann you’re refering to 🙂

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