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A new coworker


While buying some stuff in a Puma store in Strasbourg, I asked brazenly if it was possible to buy those cute little pinguins they in had in the shopwindow. The shopgirl answered that, unfortunately, it was not possible to buy them. But! But, at the end of the season, in june or july, they will […]

2010_0708_barbecue_alsace_digitale Originally uploaded by tom.brehm Even though Alsace Digitale is just a few months old, we decided to organize our first Community BBQ. It was a real success, thanks to our numerous sponsors who provided sausages, flammekueches, coke, lemonade and… tomatoes and watermelons (yes, we have girls too). It was the first time I really […]

Some people have difficult experiences with Ruby on Rails in France. Imagine that : your cofounder is a Rails ninja. Of course he chooses Rails as the main tech for your startup. And then, after some times, he decides to left the company. And now, you have to look for Rails talent. And you now […]