About the smallness of the Ruby/Rails community in France


Some people have difficult experiences with Ruby on Rails in France. Imagine that : your cofounder is a Rails ninja. Of course he chooses Rails as the main tech for your startup. And then, after some times, he decides to left the company. And now, you have to look for Rails talent. And you now face the hard truth : the Ruby/Rails community in France is quite small. How do you look for Rails developpers in that case ? They are all already employed working on cool projects, or they can simply ignore you (I will let the reader jump to its own conclusions as to why they ignore you).

To answer quickly to the guy who had “problems” with his cofounder. It’s not Rails fault ! it could have happened with any cofounder, be it a Rails ninja or not ! Yeah ok, it doesn’t sooth the pain…

As for the initial question “How do you look for Rails developpers in that case ?”, maybe a better one is “How do you look for talented people ?”. Laurent already stated the obvious : poll your local tech community. There are plenty of tech events in Paris. And they are now easily founded because they really often happen in “La Cantine”, the famous parisian coworking space. And now, there are a lot of coworking spaces and other similar organizations popping everywhere in France, like Alsace Digitale, La Mêlée Numérique, Atlantic 2.0, etc.

But this question remains : will you spend some time looking for talented people ? Do you really want to hire talented people ?

And I will now imagine what would have happened if you didn’t go with Rails in the first place.

Imagine you go with Python (or Scala). Do you really think their community are bigger than the Ruby/Rails community ? And I’m really talking about web dev here (I know that the Python community is quite big outside web dev).

Or maybe you would have go with a more “standard” tech, like Java, C# or PHP. And then, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff ?

So, blaming Ruby/Rails is simple but the real questions remains. And they are not simple.

As for me ? I really enjoy the Ruby/Rails community because it’s full of tech oriented people who constantly test new technologies for the good of all.

PS : BTW, maybe one day all Rubyists will be Node.js developpers, and the important questions will still remain

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