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The energy and the enthusiasm at the last Startup Weekend Paris reminds me about the “1 idea per month” program I invented in the early days of Novelys. The concept is very simple : everybody has tons of ideas every day. But usually you forget them or you say to yourself “maybe I’ll take care […]

“Let’s fucking do it” could have been the motto of the past week-end at Startup Weekend Paris. I’m really amazed at how much work has been done in our team during this week end and how much energy has been burnt 🙂 Qualifeed So, we released Qualifeed yesterday. In this really really early version, Qualifeed […]

I’m currently at Startup Weekend Paris (#swpa on twitter). For those who haven’t heard of this concept before, it’s very simple : you have 54 hours to create a new company. The event is structured in phases : first phase: anybody can pitch a project (1 minute) second phase: everybody can vote for his favorite […]