“1 idea per month” revival


The energy and the enthusiasm at the last Startup Weekend Paris reminds me about the “1 idea per month” program I invented in the early days of Novelys.

The concept is very simple : everybody has tons of ideas every day. But usually you forget them or you say to yourself “maybe I’ll take care of it later”. That’s called procrastination. That’s why “1 idea per month” is born.

You take 1 idea and you take car of it during 1 month. You raise it. You grow it. Until it’s testable by others. A kind of Startup Weekend but during 1 month. The key concept is to constantly push the idea in the corner.

I will revive “1 idea per month”, starting next month. You can expect something testable at the end of November. Or, at least, I hope so 🙂 Of course, feel free to join me !

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