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Following a discussion on Twitter mentionning this article 24 Extremely Useful Ruby Gems for Web Development which I don’t really agree with… Indeed, the title is misleading: it talks about webdev but includes some gems that targets sysops or speaks about omniauth but includes authlogic (wtf?). So, here is the set of gems I usually […]

I love to speak at technical events (or social events if you prefer), to share my knowledge (or better “our” knowledge, as I learn many things with the Novelys Team). Usually, I host my presentations on slideshare (you can check all of them on the Novelys slideshare account). I’m happy to announce that we have […]

Lundi 21 juin avait donc lieu à La Cantine à Paris la conférence MongoFR : toute une journée dédiée à la base de données MongoDB. J’ai eu le plaisir d’être speaker en démarrant la journée en pole position pour présenter “Ruby et MongoDB dans la pratique”. En français donc, histoire de diffuser la bonne parole […]

This post is about the MongoFR conference, organized by 10gen, the 21st of june in Paris. As my talk will be in french, the rest of this post is in french. 10gen, la boîte derrière la base de données NoSQL MongoDB, organise une journée de formation/présentation autour de MongoDB le 21 juin à la Cantine. […]