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Alsace Digitale a maintenant un peu plus de 5 ans et comme toutes les organisations agiles, nous avançons en marchant et nous apprenons en faisant (Learning by Doing). Ces préceptes s’appliquent autant aux actions que nous menons (la forme) qu’à notre vision (le fond). Dans ce billet, je vais les développer, autant pour l’expliquer au […]

A new coworker


While buying some stuff in a Puma store in Strasbourg, I asked brazenly if it was possible to buy those cute little pinguins they in had in the shopwindow. The shopgirl answered that, unfortunately, it was not possible to buy them. But! But, at the end of the season, in june or july, they will […]

P1010928 Originally uploaded by novelysfrance The BarCampAlsace6.5, intermediate release between the BarCampAlsace6 and the BarCampAlsace7, and the first BarCamp ported by Alsace Digitale, took place the 8th may 2010 at the CPPlex. The CPPlex is the first alsatian coworking place, situated 17 rue des magasins, 67000 Strasbourg, France. First, the number of attendees : 84. […]